ANSim will be moving to GITHUB shortly. We are still planning a full GUI version which will be available at a later date

ANSim Antenna Simulation Software

What is ANSim

ANSim is an extremely efficient Moment Method antenna simulation and modeling program. It makes use of multiradius wires, segments up to 1/4 wavelength, 2D surface elements and dielectrics for high accuracy designs. It has been developed specifically to offer easy customization by the user, through the use of generic output file types. All plotting programs included are available for use with other programs at no cost.

A detailed description of all the capabilities can be found in the ANSim User Manual which is available in the products section, at no cost

Advantages of ANSim

ANSim Model of Parabolic Reflector

Sector Antenna Design

Antenna arrays can be designed by building a single element/reflector combination and copying it to add elements and increase the array size. Desired phase and amplitude for each element is then added to produce the pattern required

ANSim Versions


Recommended memory is 8GB

16GB is the minimum requirement for ANSm Pro Version